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Since 1979 ABCT has been organising the best and most successful medical conferences Australia can offer.

Thanks to the experience and knowledge gained in the years, we decided to expand our horizons and now open our doors to a very special section of our business: ABCTravel Special Deals.

Normally, special deals are very generic and not particularly focused on specific places. We decided to take a different approach. Our focus is to find a destination upon the thousands, a destination that would not miss the opportunity to leave you speechless. Once we find it, we start looking for the best location that offers 5-Star accommodation, renowned restaurants and activities you are going to remember for the rest of your life. Only than we stipulate exclusive agreement that would guarantee the best price for our travellers.

This section is destined to just that: a collection of boutique places, not often on the main charts, but certainly worth visiting with your loved ones. We will expand the choice on a regular basis, bookmark this page for future references!

Special Deals


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